When: Easter sunday, april 21st

What: Baptism is an outer symbol of an inner lover relationship between you & Jesus Christ.  Baptism is also a way to publicly profess to your family, friends & church that you are now a committed follower of Jesus Christ.



Child Dedication

When: TBD

What: If you are ready to make a commitment to raise your child to the best of your ability to know, love, and to serve God as an example to your child sign up to dedicate your child on this Sunday.  Child dedication is not a baptism. It is a choice made by parents to raise their children in a God Honoring home


Strong Foundation (Homeless Families)

Where: 414 N. Hackberry, San Antonio, TX 78202

When: First Wednesday 7:25 - 8:30PM 

What: Ministry to homeless families.  We play with children while their parents participate in Bible Study.

Who: Jeannie Robins -



See Tribes & Serving link below for a menu of tribes

Where: CityChurch Downtown, Homes, and various locations throughout the city

When: Varies 

What: These are gatherings in homes, coffee shops, & various places to encourage each other in the faith.

Who: Jeannie Robins -